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Air Pollution Control Equipment
Air pollution control equipment, such as cast aluminum venturi and bag filter systems, mitigates emissions from industrial processes. They improve air quality, comply with regulations, and offer high efficiency and low maintenance. These systems feature advanced filtration mechanisms, vital for reducing pollutants and promoting environmental sustainability in various industries.

ESP Rapping Spares
ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator) rapping spares include industrial heaters, emitting electrodes, etc. They come in black, silver, or blue with a 1-year warranty. Featuring simple control, high performance, and efficiency, they're typically made of carbon steel. Used in ESP systems, they ensure effective particle removal, improved air quality, and compliance with environmental standards.

Industrial Bearings
Industrial bearings are essential components in industrial machinery, facilitating smooth operation by reducing friction between moving parts. Made from durable materials like cast iron, they come with a 1-year warranty. Available in black or brown, they optimize equipment efficiency, ensuring reliability and longevity in industrial applications.

Industrial Insulator
Industrial insulators, with a 50mm width, come in off-white or brown colors and materials such as FRP, ceramic, or porcelain. Featuring a conductivity of 250 W/(cm·C), breakdown voltage of 275V, and rated voltage of 125V, they ensure electrical safety in industrial applications, providing insulation against high voltage and preventing electrical hazards.

Filter Strainers
Filter strainers, measuring 100mm in height and 1/2" in diameter, are vital for pressure sand filters. Constructed from SS-304L/316L, they efficiently remove debris and contaminants, ensuring clean liquid flow at 500L/hr. Weighing 120 grams, they're easy to handle. Their stainless steel construction provides durability, corrosion resistance, and easy maintenance, ensuring prolonged and effective filtration performance.

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